Tuesday, May 4, 2010

H@ppy or NOt h@pPY ??!

Hmm.. I'm so miserable right now. Today I went for an interview, was really happy that they hire me. However, when I told my teacher, I knew that she was a little bit disappointed. I knew she wants me to have the best of everything. I said I might work, but actually she hopes that I'll teach for her. Seriously, she had put alot of effort on me which is priceless. She's the one who treat me with her true heart and sincerity. I never met someone who treats me that good which i appreciate alot. She said that if i really chose to work, den she has no choice but to train anothe rteacher. Seriously, i don't want to disappoint her but i'm not interested to be a ballet teacher as a full time job. I really have no idea what shud i do. Work or Teach??can God ell me the answer coz even myself dun hav a rigid answer

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Eva Sam said...

gal... follow what your heart speaks. Anyhow, you are gonna be the one carry out the work duty. So, shall not put your future into pleasing others.. but yourself.

It's gonna be at least 30 years of working life. So, do what you enjoy the most. ^^

BIG Hugzzz~~~