Tuesday, May 4, 2010

H@ppy or NOt h@pPY ??!

Hmm.. I'm so miserable right now. Today I went for an interview, was really happy that they hire me. However, when I told my teacher, I knew that she was a little bit disappointed. I knew she wants me to have the best of everything. I said I might work, but actually she hopes that I'll teach for her. Seriously, she had put alot of effort on me which is priceless. She's the one who treat me with her true heart and sincerity. I never met someone who treats me that good which i appreciate alot. She said that if i really chose to work, den she has no choice but to train anothe rteacher. Seriously, i don't want to disappoint her but i'm not interested to be a ballet teacher as a full time job. I really have no idea what shud i do. Work or Teach??can God ell me the answer coz even myself dun hav a rigid answer

Sunday, September 13, 2009

T-Music Festival RoXXXXXXXX

OMG..this is the longest concert i've ever participated before, but this is really a great and amazing experience i hope will remember forever. During the show, I've met alot of nice people including artists and dancers. They are really friendly but unfortunately, there are terms and conditions being in the backstage (will keep that as a secret). Although that terms disappointed me, i enjoyed alot throughout the whole event. However, i would love to comment only a few artist which i had more impression about them.

Amigo CHoi (HK host): i guess most of you do not know about him. He's the first artist who make me enjoy throughout the whole event. I really appreciate and grateful the way he treats people. He is a humble yet friendly . When people talk to him, he replies in a polite way where i guess some of the artist do not bother when people talk to them. I sincerely thank you deep inside my heart of how you treated me last night although you will forget me when you are back to HK. Anyway, i wish you luck n all the best in your career and hope to see you soon in Malaysia.

James (Thai singer): he is much thinner now which make him looks good. However, he's very quiet. Some of his songs are not bad.

Chin (Thai French singer): He is absolutely cute. Fall in love when i first saw him. He's friendly too and willing to shake hands with people. However, yesterday when was his turn to perform, the electricity went off and i were not sure what happened. But he was so cute and i hope I could
take pics with him. =P I like one of his Mandarin songs, really nice but not sure what's the title and his pronunciation was clear even though he is a Thai. [sorry for being bias, all his pics look too good, duno hw to choose]


Soler (HK-Italian band) : They were not bad too and also friendly. Their live performance was not bad but cant really feel it ,maybe because not able to enjoy in front of the stage..

Justin (HK singer): I guess he is the most straight forward singer but he's funny. I like his direct attitude where we do not need to bother how people perceive us (like one of my best friend: Hani). Still remember that he said I want to take off my jacket, but my colleagues ( don't allowed. They said i look bigger size. But I don't care... n he is cute when he said that y all of u so DIAM ar?? SEMUA ppl sing together la.. so cute.. his SEMUA pronunciation was cute too

David Tao (Taiwanese): His songs are really good where I like most of his songs. His real person looks not bad either.

Joey Yung (HK singer) : For me, i think she's a diva. I like to watch her dance although I've never watch her dance in live. She's very cute too and definitely looks pretty. Her songs were not bad either.. XD


p/s: I would like to wish all of them including myself best of luck and evertyhing goes smoothly. God bless..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dedicate to my 2 Dear Friends

Am really happy to have a nice chat with both of you today. I'm really happy and feel honoured to have both of you during my college time. I really treasure our friendship and i believe both of you feel the same way too.. Sometimes i wonder why we became closer when we are going to leave the college?? Is't too late?? But i'm grateful that god bring us together even though we are in our final year. Both of you cheer my day of being truthful and share your stories with me.. Faith bring us together and i'm really shocked to find out that we are Scorpions.. =) and our birthday are even on the same month..

Cant wait for November.. then we can go out together .. cant even wait to get what you guys like for your birthday .. I hope i'm able to get your favourites that will cheer ur day up..

Ms. Purple: Just want to wish you all the best in everything you do (studies, friendship, family,
work, r/ship-might want or doesn't want.. =P) Just keep going in what you want to do and believe in yourself, I'll support you forever. I really admire you of being so truthful to all your friends and how i wish i could be like you.. Even though sometimes i'm quite reserved, but i always keep our friendship deep inside my heart. And i really meant it.. I'm really to have a great friend like you.. Take care and love ya,my friend.. Hugzzzzzzzzzzz

Ms. Porter: Like what Hani said, you are a person who really loves your family and you loves talking about them.. this is what human should appreciate.. I really appreciate of what you have done to me, helping in my assignments [Hani, you did help me too,k?? =) ], helping me to ask lecturers' questions, help me when i need ur help and many more.. Want to wish you all the best too and god definitely will bless you in your econ paper.. don't worry.. =) We'll be there for you either you need us or not.. Take care my dear friend.. hugzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, July 20, 2009

For A sPeciAL FriEnD

I just want to say thanks so much for trying to change me to an optimistic person.. I'm trying hard now.. You can do it,i can do it.. I really appreciate what you have told me and i'm trying to apply them to my life. While on the way to college, i heard a song : "you raise me up" and i found out that the lyrics are describing how you raise me up to make me strong. Although i'm not on your shoulder, am glad that you lead me to a brighter side of my life.

Although our friendship recently just grow stronger, you did teach me lots of stuff that no one else had taught me.. i want to thank you so much that you tried to cheer me up when i'm so down on that night.. i know you are a very concern and caring person and i really hope our friendship will last forever.. Thank you my dear friend.. am really hope to see you soon.. miss ya..

You Raise Me Up by WESTLIFE

When I am down, and oh my soul, so weary

When troubles come and my heart burdened be

And I am still and wait here in the silence

Until you come, and sit a while with me

You raise me up, so i can stand on mountain

You raise me up to walk on stormy seas

I am strong when i am on your shoulder

You raise me up to more than i can be

You raise me up, so i can stand on mountains

You raise me up to walk on stormy seas

I am strong when i am on your shoulder

You raise me up to more than i can be


[Thank you my friend]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A "date" with two guys..

They are "dating" and here comes the light bulb on the right.. =P

Francis din act funny also..

(left to right) Mr.Alex, Mr.Francis and Ms.Lynn(my name sounds weird,i prefer I-Lynn.. =P)

Nahhh.. is just a gathering with my friends.. and both of them are guys n not a real date though.. =P i think both of them are dating and i'm d light bulb.. hahhaha.. actually i knew one of them since i'm in Primary school.. another one is i knew him when we went for the same tuition.. we rarely talk to each other because i have my own bunch of friends.. and is so difficult to leave them and approach other people.. however, is great to see them again as i haven been seeing one of them for around 3 years.. There should be more people joining us but they were not free.. So, thought of planning for another gathering before he fly bac to US next month.. is fun to chat with them and we talked about lots of stuff.. our current studies, future plan and lots of stuff.. is really fun as i don't always go out and socialize with my friends.. Hope there will be another gathering soon.. =) wish you guys all the best.. see ya soon

Monday, June 22, 2009

aNOther story i found in other ppl's blog which i tink is touching